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In Aldana & Associates, we believe there is a better way to do the work, every work. From detailed oriented bookkeeping to savings oriented tax planification, there is always one more thing you can do better and we are here to help you find out. We not only run a business, we run our passion.

We are experts

Years of knowledge and hundreds of satisfied customers are our best background.

Bookkeeping is certainly an additional responsibility for your organization, especially, when you could be focusing on your core competencies to build successful products and services. But to your relief, we have a qualified team of professionals who can perform your bookkeeping responsibilities. For your convenience, RMCI Tax Service is located in Woodbridge and Stafford, VA, and Gaithersburg, MD.

Trust our team with your books, we’ll ensure your business runs without hiccups.

Our accounting services covers a wide range of activities and responsibilities including receivables, payments, cash-flow reports, monthly close and reporting.

We take care of those parts that takes time away from you.

  • Accounts receivables and payables
  • Monthly close
  • Cashflow reports
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Corporate Tax
Payroll Service
Minority Certification
Non-profit Certification

Other services available

Tax Planning

Having a picture of what the desired goal would be, exemplifies our motto “begin with the end in mind”. Your income taxes should be well planned; just like an architect plans for a construction of a house or a building. That way, your ultimate intentions are well directed and become the desired results. Reduce your taxes by planning ahead. That is why Tax planning is most important in running a successful business. When you plan, you get the most tax benefits. This is the first stage of income tax preparation.

System Design & Setup

Setting up your Quickbooks accounting file is the most important task you will engage in while setting up your accounting system. We will customize Quickbooks so that it will perfectly work with your company needs and we will design an accounting system for your business to meet your particular needs so that you can manage and control your financial transactions.


Almost every day business engages into contracts, some are verbal and other are written. If you are serious about the success of your business, make sure all of your agreements are in writing. Agreements will protect you and your business in case a dispute arises and always remember that for tax purposes, you need all agreements in writing. We can help you design simple to complex agreements.

Business Plan

Success a road and the destination! Your business plan is one of your most valuable business documents and it will help you walk through the developmental stages of your enterprise. It will be your personal guide on your business quest. The business plan is a map of how you will arrive at your final destination. We can help you develop a winning business plan that will become your compass to achieve absolute success in your business.

Strategic Planning

A strategic thinking session will help you map out the route to success and build your analytical and team planning skills.

Having a strategy enables you to ensure that day-to-day decisions fit in with the long-term interests of your organization. Strategic planning concerns itself with what is ahead.

To get the best from your staff, it is important to work within a clear framework that details how they will be expected to help you develop and implement a strategic plan. By creating such a framework, you encourage your team to pull together and work with a mission to achieving your business goals.

Workers Compensation Audit

Every year your Workers Compensation Insurance conducts a payroll audit. This process can be time-consuming and intimidate. We will represent you and prepare all documents required for the audit and we will meet face to face with the auditors.

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